Changelog Upcoming Release

Changelog of the upcoming Drag[en]gine Game Engine and IGDE release.

Last Updated: 2020-10-25

Drag[en]gine Release 1.4 (upcoming)

Features Added


  • Added scaling and no-scaling parameter to collider attachments.
  • Added Multiply() to vector classes doing component wise multiplication.

DragonScript Script Module

  • Added support to import conversations into conversations. this allows to split conversation files into smaller parts which can be composed and reused.
  • Adjusted collider attach methods to fetch scale from to-be-attached resource to set attachment scale.
  • Added default pack of light materials using IES profiles.
  • Added ECBehaviorStepAside and ECBehaviorClearPath to allow actors to moving other actors in their path out of the way. Useful to avoid actors getting stuck (NPC/NPC or NPC/Player).

Bullet Physics Module

  • Improved collider attachment handling with scaling.

IES Image Module

  • Added IES Image Module able to load *.ies files (IESNA LM-63 Photometric Data File). This allows using photometric measurement of luminaries to increase realism of light sources with little extra effort. Profiles are loaded as equi-rectangular images for optimal use and storage.

OpenGL Module

  • Improved spot lights to support omni-direction textures.
  • Added "omnidir.rotate" texture property to rotate omni-direction textures. For use with IES images on spot lights requiring 90° X-Axis rotation.

Skin Editor

  • Added support to preview light materials.

IGDE Shared Library

  • Changed object class default scale mode to uniform instead of fixed

Bug Fixes

AI Module

  • Added missing implementation of deNavigator::LineCollide().
  • Added missing implementation of deNavigator::NearestPoint() for Grid Type.

DragonScript Script Module

  • Hardened scripting peer against segfault due to peer vanishing too early under exception cleaning up conditions.
  • Fixed widget not forcing parent to layout if document changes.
  • Modified TitledTwoColorBorderFactory to support text parameter.
  • Fixed layout problems with styled text span using image.
  • Fixed styled text converted not copy image on styled text span.
  • Fixed igde game-def light-image property incorrectly using image file pattern instead of skin file pattern.

OpenGL Module

  • Fixed light images not using "color.gamma".
  • Fixed render artifacts with equi-rectangular textures.

Conversation Editor

  • Fixed player-choice and if-else action not properly updating on reordering options/if-cases.

World Editor

  • Fixed deleting objects undo action not updating attach-to state of non-deleted world objects if the attach-to is any of the deleted objects.
  • Fixed changing properties creating two undo actions of which the first is useless.