Changelog Upcoming Release

Changelog of the upcoming Drag[en]gine Game Engine and IGDE release.

Last Updated: 2020-06-02

Drag[en]gine Release 1.2 (upcoming)

Features Added

OpenGL Graphic Module

DragonScript Script Module

  • Modified BehaviorElement.enterFrame() to remember if attachToParent has been done already. Avoids re-attach exceptions if elements move between game worlds. Not a problem if stub.setAttachTo(null) is called.
  • Added support for Listener Factories. For use in situations where you do not want to write custom behaviors to add reusable small actions to BehaviorElement subclass (example class).

IGDE Shared Libraries

Bug Fixes

DragonScript Script Module

  • Fixed ECBehaviorPlayerInputMove not respecting setCanMove(false) correctly.

World Editor

  • Fixed problems with decals vanishing on reloading game-definition. Decals now also properly recalculate if objects move, rotate or scale.