Drag[en]gine Release 1.22

Released: 2024-05-05


  • Added Engine.updateResourceLoading() to help in situations where asynchronous resource loading has to be waited on synchronously.
  • Added writeRectArea to BaseXmlLoader.
  • Added offset parameter to ECBehaviorHitScan.
  • Fixed potential exception in language library due to primitive values not setting base function index to 0.
  • Added convenience call to get/set StubWithElement properties using Dictionary.
  • Fixed leak problems caused by using removeWidget() instead of safeDispose.
  • Added EasyXMLElement.hasTags to simplify detect if an element has child tags.
  • Updated igde template to provide VSCode project.
  • Added Game.onAppActivate() event and Engine.getAppActive() function to handle gaining and loosing application focus.
  • Fixed AnchoredElementList.getAt() implementation not matching comment.
  • Added support to ECBehaviorCamera to load camera parameters from *.decamera file using property "pathParameters".
  • Fixed problem with ComboBox selecting editor widget text while typing if text in list box is matched.


  • Added variable unsigned integer and variable string support to decBaseFileReader and decBaseFileWriter.
  • Fixed incorrect "decUuid.operator bool" implementation.
  • Hardening against thread dead-lock.
  • Fixed xml parser to properly support "<", ">", "&", "'" and """ in addition to "&#...;".
  • Added new facial expressions supported by Meta facial expression extension.

Blender Scripts

  • Added homogenize tools.
  • Improving UI layout.
  • Added export merge helper operator. this allows to organize exports in non-destructive way. before exporting use the operator to merge all objects in the same collection into the export object. especially supports merging shape keys combined with subdivision or decimate operators.
  • Added support to package for extension repository (Blender 4.x feature).


  • Fixed canvas-canvas-view not properly updating if canvas-view is not synced by another means than the canvas-canvas-view.
  • Hardened against thread data race.
  • Hardened against GPU driver bugs to better survive short stallings.


  • Added protection against task cancel on exit.


  • Added support to mark images as grayscale although webp can not handle grayscale. This allows to use webp for grayscale images without consuming 3 times the memory. requires an EXIF metadata tag "UserComment" with value "dewebp:grayscale.


  • Added *.decamera as resource type to path properties.
  • Fixed visiblity/scaling not applied to outline component of WObject component sub element.
  • Fixed object wrapper not working properly with animator if animation is not set.
  • Fixed object wrapper not working properly with animator if animation is not set.
  • Added "dataDirectory" as new replacement token for igde templates.
  • Fixed igdeCamera class not setting enable-gi/hdrr property to camera on creation (true is enforced.

World Editor

  • Fixed and improved camera handling when viewing the world using an object camera to line up shots better.

Conversation Editor

  • Added paste conversation snippet command also to regular actions not just topic, if/else and wait actions.