DEMoCap - VR Motion Capture

The DEMoCap is a Free Software Application allowing to do Motion Capture using VR equipment.

There are various advantages using VR compared to other techniques:

Less expensive equipment
Quick to equip actor for performing
Does not require large rooms build especially for motion capture
Allows actors to see the scene in which they have to perform
Capture motion in real time without post processing
Capture any count of characters no matter if a single person or a group
Easily re-take captures of individual characters without re-taking all

DEMoCap is build using the Drag[en]gine game engine. The resulting captured animations are usable directly in the Drag[en]gine game engine or can be imported into Blender for editing. Using Blender the captured animations can be used for all other purposes Blender can be used for.

DEMoCap uses the original armature without modification. The captured animation is directly usable.

Using Motion Transfers DEMoCap supports various kinds of armatures. You can capture humanoid characters, beastly characters, tails, wings, extra arms, whatever you want. You can also capture First Person Hands.

Using VR you can recreate the relevant parts of your game scene. This allows your actor to perform more natural and animations are better fitting to your game scene.

In short DEMoCap accelerates the animation production allowing for higher quality animations to be done in less time.

Example Motion Capture (small amount of post processing):


To use DEMoCap you require a working installation of the Drag[en]gine version 1.22 or newer as well as a working SteamVR (Steam) installation.

Scripts and tools Downloads.

The Blender3D scripts are used to import motion capture data into Blender3D to modify/convert them to your project game engine. See documentation on the Wiki Page.
Blender 4.2+ Extension Hosted on Blender Extension Repository.
Can be installed on Blender 4.2+ directly from inside Blender searching for the extension name "democap-tools". For Blender 4.1 and older.
Download the archive and install the zip-file from inside Blender Add-On window.

Documentation / Tutorials / Community

Documentation and Tutorials for using DEMoCap can be found on the

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The DEMoCap source code can be found on the