Step into the shoes of Georgo Valentino, a Private Investigator. While trying to solve one of your longest unresolved case you end up with a lead to the parallel world of Alpha-10. One of your friends, a scientist, helped you cross over. Arriving at the other side you notice one of the scientists "friends" ended up alongside you. While usually working alone you find yourself now with an unusual partner. You should soon learn that this little girl has some special abilities of her own that can be of help to you.

You decide how you conduct your investigation. This influences the reaction of AI around you and alter the course of the story. Interrogate people, snoop around places and interact with various props in the game world. If this is not enough you can count on the special abilities of your partner. While you are out in the field you can task befriended AI with doing errands for you. They can examine objects you find or dig out information you can not find yourself. Play your cards well to find the truth.