Changelog Release 1.21

Drag[en]gine Release 1.21

Released: 2024-02-03


  • Camera tone mapping control.
  • Added support to set default value/vector for animator controllers.
  • Fixed problem on windows not listing directory joints.
  • Detecting global scale on linux/windows (DPI).
  • Added enumeration of display resolutions on windows.
  • Modified refresh rate not hard limited to 30 but using current display refresh rate.


  • Modified engine parameter panel to show a helpful text if no parameter has been clicked yet.
  • Some more requires-think optimizations.
  • Improving performance of actor behaviors by disabling thinking if the behavior is disabled.
  • Increase behavior tree runaway count from 50 to 100.
  • Fixed ECBehaviorActorMover conversation condition using wrong goal distance method.
  • Fixed bugs in persisting states.
  • Added support to ConversationFacePosePlayback to set the SpeechAnimationPlayback blend factor to a controller to allow blend out face pose for the mouth for example while speaking.
  • Added support to change the created TranslationManager.
  • Fixed exception if Command has neither display name nor translation name assigned.
  • Added pan, distance, azimuth and elevation controller support to ECBehaviorActorIK.
  • Added missing getters and setters for eye blinking interval in ConversationFacePosePlayback.
  • Added no-dispose method to ElementClassList to help with using ElementClassList as secondary storage list.
  • Modified DefaultComboBoxEdit to forward up and down arrow to parent combobox and to rollup if escape is pressed.
  • Fixed ComboBox not setting designer selectory of child ListBox and WindowPopup properly.
  • Modified BaseXmlLoader to store last filename used in logLoadingFromFile or logSavingFromFile to prefix future logs.
  • Fixed setting interactive main menu hotspot to deactivated not reseting animated to deactivated state.


  • Improving bloom effect.
  • Improving camera tonemap handling.
  • Fixed performance problem due to env-map switching causing TUC changes every frame update which is costly and not required using the current env-map handling.
  • Small change for renderdoc causing now app to crash on capture.
  • Fixed component marked as non-GI to end up in GI tracking. This caused GI to slow down.
  • Fixed problem with flickering lights due to occlusion query result not being properly cleared of reused occlusion queries.
  • Replaced the broken ssao hide-pattern-random function with a better one which produces quite good results for not using a random texture.


  • Added a safe-guard against a strange, random and rarely happening exception due to an out-of-bounds index.


  • Added support to copy vertex position set weights in addition to bone states for components attached using rig mode.


  • Workaround for broken steamvr installation indicating vive tracker extension v3 is supported but fails with path used from this revision of the specification. workaround falls back to v1 if binding v3 fails.
  • Added new vive tracker targets supported since extension revision 3.


  • Added support to load/save camera settings.

Project Editor

  • Added support to set additional run arguments for each profile used only for test running.

Conversation Editor

  • Added support for recent file list for CTS, CTA, CTGS and Attach LangPack.
  • Fixed listener order problem causing single action topic to not properly update action panel.
  • Modified action tree items to show long text as tooltip.
  • Modified actor speak tree item to show full translated text as tooltip.
  • Modified action tree to show translated text if language pack is attached. Also changed actor speak action panel to show translated text below translation identifier if language pack is attached.
  • Added support to find missing words on topic group and conversation level. Simplifies the process of finding words in need of speech animation during production.


  • Fixed incorrect *.deanim file exported if some moves have no shape keys action.
  • Fix for problems with blender and ik constraints.
  • Fixed imported shapekey action not having a fake user.
  • Fixed import script.
  • Added missing support for exporting animations with shape keys.
  • Fixed bug in vertex position set potentially causing problems in newer blender versions.

Animator Editor

  • Fixed wrong save optimizations.