Changelog Release 1.20

Drag[en]gine Release 1.20

Released: 2023-11-20


  • Added battery level input device axis type and battery charging input device button type.
  • Windows build fix due to missing update of precompiled dragonscript library.


  • Modified LanugageConsoleCommand to also update EngineTranslations.
  • Fixed bug in return value of function HeightTerrain.addNavSpace().
  • Modified ECBehaviorInteractPrompt to support changing language at runtime.
  • Modified EnumListElementRenderer to support translation of enumeration values using a translation prefix (language pack).
  • Adding support to used translatable text in widgets like labels or windows (like "@UI.Cancel").
  • Added Widget.onTranslationChanged(). If called notifies all widgets down the chain to update translation.
  • Added missing getters to DynamicSkin for renderables.
  • Added more functions to File class.
  • Improved EditBindingsListBox. Entries have now a button to add bindings. Each binding has now a button to delete just this binding. Also the guitheme is changed to highlight bindings (together with their delete button) to make it clearer why belongs to what. Removed the right-mouse click to delete all bindings. Delete and back key still can be used to delete all bindings. This makes it now easier to work with multiple bindings and using a gamepad only.
  • Gamepad fixes for initial binding detection.
  • Modified text widgets to show virtual keyboard also if clicked upon not only if they receive the focus.
  • Changed PanelPlayerChoiceEntry to fire action of mouse button release not press. Also changed widget to accept enter and spacebar pressed similar to Button widget.
  • Changed WindowVirtualKeyboard to respect Desktop.getMouseArea() if not null. Modified positioning to stick to bottom if both bottom and top are not fully visible.
  • Improving gamepad trigger handling to avoid false repeated clicks.
  • Added support for GamepadController allowing players to control mouse movement and left mouse button click using gamepad. This is automatically enabled for BaseGameApp.getDesktop().
  • Added convenience methods to GamepadEvent.
  • Added support to WindowLoading and WindowLogo to skip using gamepad triggers.
  • Allow fast forward conversation with gamepad button.
  • Added alternative commands to ECBehaviorInteractPrompt. This allows to assign more than one command to an interact prompts.
  • Improved default bindings for new games.


  • Fixed light leaking problem in GI for sky shadows.

Windows Input

  • Added gamepad support.

X-System Input

  • Improved device logging.
  • Fixed device indices not properly updating.
  • Added support to track attach/detach devices.
  • Improve gamepad mappings.


  • Fix for loading version 7500 and higher and other fixes.

World Editor

  • Fixed bugs with height terrain navigation space display.
  • Added SnapToGrid and DropToGround action to position context menu in the object selection panel.