Changelog Release 1.10

Changelog 1.10 Drag[en]gine Game Engine and IGDE release.

Released: 2022-02-27

Drag[en]gine Release 1.10

Features Added


  • Added method for other modules to access graphic module api connection data.

DragonScript Module

  • Added ECBehaviorVRHandAction. allows to set per-hand actions based on BaseVRHandAction.
  • Added support to retrieve velocities from ECBehaviorVRHand.
  • Added convenience call to ECBehaviorVRHand to set hand to physical interaction.
  • Modified DefaultBindingHelper to set VR hand related bindings on all VR hand controllers not just the first found one.
  • Hand pose support added.

Bullet Physics Module

  • Tuning friction parameters.
  • Improve object stacking.
  • Added debug mode to display deactivated state.
  • Updated to 2.89.

Animator Module

  • Changed animator module to support no mirror rules set. behaves now as if no rule matches instead of ignoring the rule.

OpenGL Module

  • Improved lod handling.

OpenXR Module

  • Added OpenXR module.

Rig Editor

  • Added mass field under rig simulation panel to allow changing the mass of the simulation collider.

Blender Scripts

  • Added subsurf modifier to detect and wanting to apply before export.
  • Improved export scripts to detect custom lod error problems and to report them as early as possible.
  • Modified rig export to not write ik limits if not used.

Live Launcher

  • Reworked to use shared launcher library.

Console Launcher

  • Reworked to use delauncher library.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed problems with openxr sending device detach/attach in the same event run. complicated problem to solve which has been now solved by deprecating the individual attach/detach events and adding a new attachDetach event. input/vr modules have to collect attach/detach changes and send only one attachDetach event to the script module. this way the devices lists can not go out of sync anymore. changed BindingManager to figure out which devices have been attached/detached sending the appropriate message to keep existing listeners properly working.
  • Fixed module fallback/priority handling and added priority tag to all engine modules (priority superceedes fallback).

DragonScript Module

  • Fixed bug in BaseVRActor assigning right hand laser pointer twice and left one never.
  • Fixed wrong checks in ECBehaviorGrabSpot.
  • Fixed attach slot trying to attach attachable using rig attach mode (bone weight transfer) if attachable is not a ColliderRig or does not have bones. this should better handle a wider range of uses.
  • Fixed ECBehaviorGrabber missing saving of grab spot.

Bullet Physics Module

  • Fixed potentially missing of collider leaving touch sensors.
  • Fixed problem with kinematic colliders not applying velocities on dynamic colliders on contact.
  • Changed rigid body parameters to solve stand-on-edge problem.

OpenGL Module

  • Fix for intel GPU failing shader compilation.

Blender Scripts

  • Fixed error message in tool loading.

Shared Launcher

  • Made version attribute optional otherwise versions prior to 1.9 break if attempt to load the gamedef.

Live Launcher

  • Fixed linux launching.