Drag[en]gine Release 1.11

Released: 2022-03-21

Features Added

DragonScript Module

  • Added WindowDialog.reorderList() allowing to show a dialog for reordering, for example if only a ComboBox shows the model otherwise.
  • Added popup menu and menu bar support.
  • Deprecated ToggleButtonGroup and added OptionGroupModel which does the same but using ToggleModel instead of ToggleButton.
  • Improved GridLayout to support reverse layout axes.
  • Modified Desktop.requestCaptureMouse() to update hover widget. this ensures capture widget is the hover widget.
  • Added support to reorder list box elements using a mouse listener.
  • Added clipboard support. Added Area clipboard and Shift+Arrow selection support to TextArea.
  • Added more introspection functions to Rig.
  • Added DefaultListModel.move(Object,int) and DefaultListModel.collect(Block) functions.

OpenVR Module

  • Hardened against disabled use. Disabling vr though is not recommended as steamvr always crashes when vr is disabled.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed deRigBone default lower limit to be 360 not 1.

DragonScript Module

  • Fixed bug in BaseVRActor assigning right hand laser pointer twice and left one never.
  • Fixed wrong checks in ECBehaviorGrabSpot.
  • Fixed attach slot trying to attach attachable using rig attach mode (bone weight transfer) if attachable is not a ColliderRig or does not have bones. this should better handle a wider range of uses.
  • Fixed ECBehaviorGrabber missing saving of grab spot.

Bullet Physics Module

  • Fixed BevelCanvasCreator leaving 1 pixel empty border around background (missing set thickness to 0).
  • Proper handling of hovering in WindowPopup.
  • Ensured BorderLayout does not apply gaps if ajoining areas are invisible.
  • Fixed ToggleButton not applying toggled state of model if set in constructor.
  • Fixed check/option-box showing gap if no text/image is used.
  • Fixed Desktop.getHoverWidget() returning null if hover widget is disabled. caused layout stack overflow.
  • Fixed missing deg-rad conversion for constraint limits.
  • Fixing bugs in RigBuilder and ColliderConstraint.
  • Modified the combo box listener fix to work for both situations.

Rig Module

  • Fixed skip-default-value check not correct on limits.

Blender Scripts

  • Fixed rig shape export not using global scale.

Drag[en]gine Release 1.11.1

GUI Launcher

  • Support relative game files provided on command line.
  • Windows application protocol handling does not decode URL.
  • Missing adding command line arguments after delga file as game arguments for running.

DragonScript Module

  • Removed load/save of hands pointing at ECBehaviorVRHandPointedAt since this makes no sense and runs the risk of resolve exceptions being thrown.
  • Patch for localtime_r workaround bug.


  • Added InputDeviceButton.GetTouchable to allow scripts to determine if an input device supports sending touch/untouch events openxr/openvr: set button touchable state if actions are assigned.
  • Moved distribution files to dedistribute repository.
  • Linux launcher for distribution.
  • Modified install scripts to remove first old files.
  • Fixed Haiku launcher build problems.
  • Fix for graphic system data retrieval struct under Haiku.