Changelog Release 1.12

Drag[en]gine Release 1.12

Released: 2022-05-25


  • Added timeoutSpread and timeoutRearm property to ECBehaviorTimer behavior.
  • Added VR trigger/menu input commands and interface to simplify typical tasks.
  • Added VR hand control desktop behavior for actor hand actions to simplify interacting with desktops.
  • Fixed hover widget not properly being ignore on disabled window if updateHoverWidget() is called.
  • Modified PanelHud to support preventing hovering.
  • Fixed subtle bug in Container.addWidget() managing to miss calling doLayout() if fixed size containers are added.
  • Modified WindowGameWorld for more UI layout possibilities.
  • Added ECPInteger assertion tests to behavior test case.


  • Lod pixel error optimizations for shadow mapping and env-mapping.
  • Hardened GI against register/unregister mismatch exceptions.
  • Hardened against 0-content vbo blocks.
  • Modified GI cascade spacing calculation to scale relative to largest spacing if largest spacing is below 8.
  • Fixed update problems in GI if static components visibility changes.
  • Added support for "nonpbr.albedo" and "nonpbr.metalness" texture property to allow directly using textures authored in the non-pbr metalness workflow as well as porting from other game engines using such a workflow.
  • Fixed render bug with transparent decals.


  • Added passthrough support.
  • Added face tracker support (eye and lip).
  • Added support for eye gaze tracking as individual device.
  • Fixed crosscompile build fail for openxr loader on windows.
  • Fixed XR_MND_HEADLESS being enabled if present.
  • Fixed vive tracker device profile trying to add actionsif extension is not supported.
  • Added exception in case vr runtime returns 0 size view.


  • Fixed problems with attenuation, distance offset and annoying openal gain clamping behavior.
  • Fixed non-looping speaker not set to stopped state if streaming sound finished playing.

IGDE Shared

  • Fixed trigger expression parser not respecting exception-on-error parameter.
  • Widget segfault in igdeWPSky due to recreating widgets while changing sliders. Modified the code to be smarter to add/remove/update widgets if changed.

Game Definition Editor

  • Protect against inheritance loops.
  • Fixed base game definition class not showing up in class listings.

Project Editor

  • Changed delga building process to use no-compress property of modules to store such files without compression.

Blender Scripts

  • Added support for auto-smooth in exporting models.
  • Added support to apply modifiers in exporting models.
  • Modified model export to support ngons. They are automatically split into quads and optionally a triangle.

Console Launcher

  • Fixed delga file parameter being send as first argument to games.


  • removed install/uninstall delga support.
  • Added support to store minimalistic game information in the game profile to allow showing information about not installed delgas. Modified loading behavior to load all game profiles using the stored information if present. This way launchers show now not installed games but all games they have seen (having a game profile).