Changelog Release 1.13

Drag[en]gine Release 1.13

Released: 2022-06-30


  • Added "invert blend factor" parameter to deAnimatorRule.
  • Added support to hide path in VFS containers for patching.


  • Added title parameter to Widget to allow titled borders working much better.
  • Finished missing support.
  • Added WindowUndecorated guitheme designer.
  • Added combined canvas creator allowing to combine an outer and inner canvas creator with padding.
  • Added slider widget.
  • Fixed desktop sending mouse wheel event to disabled widgets.
  • Added "headRotatorBone" element class property to ECBehaviorConversationActor.
  • Added support to create deep copies of AnimatorDefinition.
  • Added support to load animation as AnimatorDefinition in addition to Animator. allows to copy/modify loaded animators.
  • Added subclass overwritable hooks in ConversationGesturePlayback to better monitor and act on initialize controllers after next gesture plays and updating controllers.
  • Added helper methods to ConversationGesturePlayback to simplify adding gestures if a last gesture is playing to get properly fitting next gestures added.
  • Refactored log file writer from WindowTesting into an own class LogFileTestListener for better reusing.
  • Fixed PanelHud not updating all panel designer selectors.
  • Added gesture fade-in and fade-out controller support.


  • Added support for igdePath to switch between relative/absolute path, browse file directory in native file browser and ensure select files works with relative path as well as storing the selected file relative/absolute depending on what the path had been before opening the file selection dialog.
  • Fixed new project .gitattributes containing non-binary files.
  • Added support for modules to process command line arguments project editor: added support for command line command "--project.profile.distribute" to automatically build DELGA file then close application.

Animator Editor

  • Fixed sub animator rule forcing parent animator animation onto loaded sub animator.
  • Fixed sub animator rules incorrectly using animation of parent animator instead of own.
  • Fixed exception in remove link undo action due to animator select and group rule not being processed correctly.

Conversation Editor

  • Added support to set default duration on gestures. Modified add/edit strips to use default duration as initial duration.

Project Editor

  • Added command line to obtain delga file for profile.

Shared Launcher

  • Added proper support to specify if an engine instance should be run in console mode.
  • Fixed local patch loading.


  • Updated to properly support console only CI mode.
  • Moved testing from separate repository into this repository.