Changelog Release 1.14

Drag[en]gine Release 1.14

Released: 2022-08-12

Animation Module

  • Fixed incorrect save animation.

OpenGL Module

  • Improved stereo rendering performance. Two optimizations can be selected depending on GPU support ("Dual Rendering" or "Geometry Shader Duplication").
  • Added fix for nVidia/Intel GPUs causing 3.3 core context to be selected although higher core contexts are supported.
  • Fixed bloom blur shader weights not being normalized correctly causing bloom blur to raise intensity a lot.
  • Compute shaders are now mandatory to be supported by the GPU. In the near future various calculations will be moved to compute shaders.

DragonScript Module

  • Fixed ECBehaviorGrabSpot disabling collider if element is invisible which is wrong (only if not touchable.
  • Fixed ECBehaviorAnimated not applying animator if controller has 0 length.
  • Fixed wrong documentation of EffectOverlayImage.
  • Removed hoverWidet not-null exception in Desktop.removeWidget() since this can cause exceptions in situations where this is possible.
  • Fixed tool tip manager being behind by one frame potentially causing tool tips to not hide properly.
  • Modified ToolTipManager to allow null popup widget to be set and to call onToolTipChanged() for better subclassing.

Bullet Module

  • Fixed relative movement collider attachment not working correctly if collider is attached in the same frame update the parent collider is moved in.
  • Fixed collider volume not updating bullet shape if scale changed.

Network Module

  • Added ipv6 support.