Changelog Release 1.16

Drag[en]gine Release 1.16

Released: 2022-11-22


  • Added support to query current user locale language and territory. BaseGameApp uses this to set the class property defaultLanguagePackIdentifier to an appropriate language to use for the user.
  • Added support for orientation to collider collision test.
  • Modified XML parser to not required IsChar for comment and pi instruction. This is not matching the XML specification but avoids rejecting XML with UTF-8 comments.


  • Ensure ECBehaviorAnimated applies animator if playback is false or controller is null.
  • Modified ScrollWidgetMouseListener to support continuous scrolling similar to smartphones for larger panels.
  • Added STDTagResolver to simplify resolving tags in StyledTextDefinition. In contrary to STDVeriableResolver this allows adding entire STDNTextSpan instead of just text and supports adding rules which makes it much easier to build complex resolvers.
  • Added DisplayIcon as convenience for doing centered DisplayImage.
  • Added ECBehaviorAnchorElement to IGDE game definition.
  • Fixed DefaultListModel not sending selection changed notification on sorting.
  • Fixed WindowSettings not activating first added sheet.
  • Added display name and description translation support to Command class.
  • Added game engine translations for use by script module provided classes like WindowSettings.
  • Updated TextField to support selection, clipboard and context menu as TextArea does.
  • Added context menu to TextArea for cut/copy/paste and selectAll/deselect with translation support.
  • Improved selection handling in TextArea.
  • Updated TextField and TextArea to support UTF-8 editing.
  • Font class added hasGlyph(int) function.
  • Added UTF8Navigator to make TextField fully UTF-8 compatible.
  • Improved SubTitleTextBox and ECBehaviorConversationActor to better support modifying subtitle widget with little code.
  • Protect ECBehaviorAlignActor against Locomotion.getCanTurn() == false situation.
  • Added invert wheel support to ScrollModelWheelMouseListener.
  • Added support to call ECBehaviorActorTransmission.clear() automatically upon entering conversation. This helps users of waitInConversation=true to not get blocked at the start of conversation until actor transmission finishes. This avoids the need to do special scripting to handle such situations.
  • Add translation support for IMMDisplayText.
  • Changed conversation playback to not clear the camera shot from the camera director if present. This clearing is not needed but can potentially collide with users sharing camera directors across multiple playback objects.
  • Changed ConversationFacePose to use controller name instead of index.
  • Added convenience call TranslationManager.get .
  • Added support for translation to conversation actor speak action.
  • Modified ECBehaviorInteractPrompt to support translated verb and description in addition to plain text.
  • Added support to TranslationManager to translate text which can be either plain text or a translation text if the first character matches a marker character. Typical use case is to use texts like "".


  • Fixed problem with dynamic skin changed in component textures not properly updating renderable mappings if no other change causes a second renderable mappings updated soon after (usually the case).
  • Fixed bug in rendering cast-no-shadow point and spot lights.
  • Updated module parameter descriptions.
  • Fixed using occlusion meshes for shadow map rendering causing problems with single sided occlusion meshes. They potentially block the light although seen from both sides. Only double sided occlusion meshes are now rendered in shadow maps. this is safe.
  • Fixed santizePosition incorrectly applied after MatrixVP instead after MatrixM.

Bullet Physics

  • Fix for kinematic bones not updating physics body correctly.

Delga Archive

  • Fixed releasing context not mutex protected in one possible case potentially causing a concurrent read/write problem.
  • Fixed deadloop in SetPositionEnd.


  • Hardened against empty string.
  • Improved entry load/write to retain spaces and newlines.


  • Added WebP-3D image module similar to PNG-3D image module.

Animator Editor

  • Fixed exception if pasting controller with same name.
  • Added support to copy/paste/export/import animator affected bones similar to rule bones.
  • Added support to export/import bones to text which can be copied to/from clipboard to save in developer files for quick use across the team.

Sky Editor

  • Fixed exception removing controller. Action is now properly checking for usage and warns user. Undo action is now tracking usage links and updates them accordingly.
  • Fixed remove layer link not enabling properly.

Project Editor

  • Added support to regenerate identifier.

Speech Animation Editor

  • Fixed appending IPA symbol not working.
  • Fixed loading speech animations not properly loading relative resources.

Conversation Editor

  • Changed actor test setup to use controller names.