Changelog Release 1.18

Drag[en]gine Release 1.18

Released: 2023-08-02


  • Added support for skin clipping (texture properties "clip.plane" and "clip.plane.border").
  • Added support for texture properties to use bone coordinate system. This is the base for new geometry based texture properties like "clip.plane".
  • Added support to use renderable value/color as input for skin mapped.
  • Added output range to skin mapped.


  • Raised default value for transparency limit from 4 to 8.
  • Added support for dynamic constructed skin texture properties.
  • Fixed bug in gi material initializing not clearing correctly.
  • Turned cache load error from error log into info log.
  • Removed logging of exception if loading cached shader failed. Prevents bloating logs and slowing down loading if logs are shown in the IGDE.
  • Fixed bug in compute shader updating causing geometries to vanish.


  • Fixed style text span images vanishing if text is empty.
  • Added support to manually adjust locomotion orientation with all the required adjustments automatically done.
  • Added maximum distance to ECBehaviorInteractPrompt.
  • Fixed bug in ARMirror.addMatchName .
  • Modified ECBehaviorActorMover moveTo optimization since it fails if actor is exactly below or above the goal position but on another floor.
  • Added mouse sensitivity support to BindingInputProcessor.
  • Fixed bug in synthesizer loading causing null pointer to be returned.
  • Modified avoid collision and clear path behaviors with additional functions to add ignore colliders.
  • Fixed game world enter frame once array iterate while modify not working fully as expected.
  • Changed GameWorld.enterOnce from Array to SafeArray to solve potential modify-while-iterating problems.

World Editor

  • Properly update properties widget if game definition changed.
  • Fixed identity type properties not updating the list of existing identifiers properly.
  • Fixed missing skins display mode not working properly.
  • Added filter support to properties combo box.

Skin Editor

  • Changed mapped curve view to be automatically fitting curve to view if the active mapped is changed.


  • Modified curve bezier FitToView to not get smaller than a threshold size.
  • Added gizmo support.
  • Added move gizmo convenience implementation.
  • Fixed trigger expression dialog filter not working.


  • Improved mirror rule code.
  • Added FABRIK algorithm.

Bullet Physics

  • Fixed rig collider not working with attached resources other than colliders.

Animator Editor

  • Added gizmo for controller vector dragging typically used to test ik.


  • Incorrect default check missing to write values.
  • Fixed saving to not write certain tags if the value is the default value.

Blender Scripts

  • Modified rig exporting to not write certain tags if the value is the default value.
  • Fixed wrong ik limits exporting (y and z flipped).