Changelog Release 1.6

Changelog 1.6 Drag[en]gine Game Engine and IGDE release.

Last Updated: 2021-09-14

Features Added


  • Added Vulkan shared library which is fully dynamic.
  • Added template version of deObjectReference.
  • Added Launcher Shared library. Simplifies writing launchers by providing various shared functionality launchers otherwise need to write manually.
  • Rewrote GUI Launcher to use Launcher Shared library.
  • Hardened linked lists against adding items already in another list.
  • Added GetFPSRate() support to Audio, Graphic, Network and Physics Module. Allows users to examine module specific FPS rates (multi-threading).
  • Added VR Support.
  • Added Cancelled() hook method to deParallelTask.
  • Added axis rotation support to deAnimatorRuleBoneTransformator.
  • Added "Adjust Position" parameter to deAnimatorRuleInverseKinematic.
  • Added "Modify X|Y|Z" parameters to deAnimatorRuleForeignState.
  • Added bone input support to deAnimatorLink. Allows to use for example bone rotation around Y axis as link input to a rule.
  • Added InputDeviceComponent support. Modified InputDevice{Axis,Button,Feedfback} to refer to InputDeviceComponent they belong to by String ID.

OpenVR Module

  • Added OpenVR (aka SteamVR) Module.

DragonScript Script Module

  • Hardened ECBehaviorTouching to not miss an initial touching event.
  • Modified ConversationCameraDirector to expose a "camera shot changed" callback and to reset adaption intensity upon camera shot change.
  • Added listener support to BindingManager to allow code to easily be notified about input devices being added, removed or parameters changed.
  • Added precision version of toString() to vector, quaternion and matrix script classes.
  • Added support to add default bindings to newly attached devices if not bound to something already.
  • Added VR behaviors and BaseVRActor.
  • Added writeVector style methods to BaseXmlLoader.

OpenGL Modul

  • Optimize GI rendering by caching the static GI BVH across multiple frames.

Animation Module

  • Added save support.

World Editor

  • Added copy position/rotation/scale from active object to selected objects (x, y, z, xz or xyz) accesible from menu bar and object properties panel.

Blender Scripts

  • Prevent library linked animation actions to be included in exporting animations. This avoids problems with linked actions causing duplicate names. Avoiding them can be otherwise impossible especially when they are indirect and thus locked.
  • Improved import animation performance.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed problem with parallel processing causing exceptions during pausing.

OpenGL Modul

  • Fixed transparent passes incorrectly filtering holed transparent geometry.
  • Modified "Supports GS Instancing" check. This avoids problems with certain GPU drivers.
  • Fixed potentially problem with component moving immediately from one game world to another with no frame delay.

DragonScript Script Module

  • Fixed ECBehaviorTouching calling startTouching/stopTouching without checking touching element count.
  • Fixed bug in FormLayout not using left padding properly while laying out widgets.
  • Fixed FPS locomotion handling.
  • Fixed sticky/non-sticky input inverting.
  • Fixed Rig class documentation missing methods.
  • Fixed ADRuleStateManipulator using wrong default min and max size vectors.

DEAnimator Module

  • Fixed segfault if apply task is cancelled while parallel processing is paused.
  • Fixed single bone IK not working correctly with local offset and rotation.


  • Fixed auto-fill of project path not working correctly.

Blender Scripts

  • Fixed Rig export script to properly export IK limits.
  • Fixed script error if movesets had been added then cleared.