Changelog Release 1.9

Changelog 1.9 Drag[en]gine Game Engine and IGDE release.

Released: 2022-02-04

Drag[en]gine Release 1.9

Features Added


  • Aadded direct launcher for windows 10 systems calling application protocol
  • Added support for "wrap y" to deAnimatorLink. this solves the problem of animators desiring to offset an animation by using a link curve shifted along the Y axis
  • Added support to query script module version set in game project at runtime. allows script modules to support backwards compatibility in case of breaking changes by altering the exposed behavior depending on what script module version a project has been developed against in a transparent way.
  • Added mirror animator rule

DragonScript Module

  • Added FileSystem.openUrl(String)
  • Added support to define collision shape using class parameter for ECBehaviorVRHandPointAt
  • Added *Ray methods to ECBehaviorControlDesktop similar to *Everywhere but using ray-plane intersection
  • Added EnumListElementRenderer to make ListModel
  • Added Component.getTextureNameAt(int)
  • Added TimerManager.giveUpAllTimers() to solve leaks on closing game if short 1-frame timers are left behind. modified BaseGameApp to call this clean up method
  • Modified Timer to not run fire() if giveUp() has been called
  • Modified TimerBlock to drop block on giveUp() and ensured fire() does not try to run block if given up
  • Added support to ECBehaviorGrabber to detect touched grab spots. they are stored in a list of touching grab spots and events send to listeners for touching/untouching grab spots
  • Added ECBehaviorAttachSlot to BaseVRActor for each hand
  • Added support to ECBehaviorAttachSlot to be used on ECBehaviorVRHand instead of ECBehaviorCollider
  • Added default VR right/left hand grabber support to BaseVRActor and BAAFirstPersonVR
  • Added ECBehaviorGrabSpot and ECBehaviorGrabber
  • Added ScrollBar.setReverseWheel(bool)
  • Added CurveBezier.getHandle1At(int) and getHandle2At(int).
  • Added xml writing for CurveBezier
  • Added missing constructor
  • Added mouse wheel listener to scroll range models to improve text field use linked to spin buttons
  • Added ConversationActor.beginActorSpeech() with ECBehaviorConversationActor providing listening for it to allow behaviors to apply additional game logic to actors begining to speak. gives access to the CActionActorSpeak instance responsible for the actor speaking to behavior logic upon

GUI Launcher

  • Add support for lauching using windows uri scheme (aka windows protocol). modified MSIX package to register it

Blender Scripts

  • Update formating and added support to export rig volumes and constraints using blender rigid body settings
  • Added time stamps to animator export
  • Added tool to copy selected bone fcurves from active action to target actions matching reg-ex


  • Added SetDefaultConstant and MirrorCurve{X|Y} support to bezier curve view context menu

Animator Editor

  • Added mirror rule support

Conversation editor

  • Added check box to enable auto advancing of certain commands the user had to click to advance (game/actor commands, triggers, add/remove actor/coordsystems)

Bug Fixes

DragonScript Module

  • Fixed ComboBox not removing itself from model as listener correctly
  • Fixed ParentWheelActionListener to not cause event loops if event source is a child widget
  • Fixed ToggleButton firing action on mouse release if mouse press did not happen earlier
  • Fixed setUseVendorModel and setShowHand being protected instead of public
  • Fixed AttachSlot/Attachable behaviors to properly load/save avoiding events to be send where they should not
  • Fixed behaviors forcing single use although they have id support
  • Fixed incorrect save/restore handling in interaction spot and occupier causing events to be fired on loading which should not be the case


  • Fixed showing VR render in canvas view causing gamma correction to be applied twice
  • Fixed potential segfault if render plan is destroyed before tracked environment map is destroyed

Blender Scripts

  • Fixed import animation starting at frame 1 not 0
  • Fixed animation export and added progress icon since this can be lengthy process with many animations exported
  • Do not set export name in rig import to avoid problems


  • Fixed edit color as hex values using decString.GetMiddle

Animator editor

  • Fixed "Paste Into Group" context menu existing in "append" and "insert" version but "insert" makes no sense and throws an exception.

Conversation editor

  • Fixed duplicate actor model fields