Changelog Release 1.17

Drag[en]gine Release 1.17

Released: 2023-06-04


  • Added support to request eye gaze and facial tracking feature support before starting VR runtime.
  • Fixed mistake in face expression constant.
  • Added vertex position set support.


  • Fix for PopupWindow potentially sending message to itself.
  • Fixed is-scaled parameter not properly set if Element.setGeometry(Vector,Vector,Vector) is used.
  • Fixed ComboBox sending mouse wheel event to parent.
  • Modified TextField focus selection behavior.
  • Modified ComboBox.dispose() to fix rare dispose order inversal problem causing a null pointer exception.
  • Various fixes on ComboBox handling.
  • Added focused and focusedHover widget designer state to Button and ComboBox.
  • Added support for TabLayout/SwitchPanel compact mode.
  • Fixed bug in Vector2.normalize using wrong div-by-zero check.
  • Added SharedListModel allowing to reuse ListModel instances with unique selection state.
  • Wrong function names fixed.
  • Fixed path based element class properties not copy properly.
  • Added one shot speaker gameworld behavior.
  • Added support for game world behaviors.
  • Modified copyValue() to allow converting relative path values to absolute values to avoid subclass xml element classes with relative path values not working correctly because base path changes and resolving happens at loading time.
  • Added support for nested XML element classes by copying element class property values if base class is an XML element class.
  • Fixed BoxLayout available size distribution not working correctly if last elements are invisible.


  • Improving IK handling with correct angle calculation.
  • Optimize state manipulator rule if position, rotation and scale is disabled (no bone processing).

Windows Input

  • Fix for modifier keys not reporting correctly since GetKeyboardState() is broken beyond repair.


  • Fixed problem with windows hiding mouse pointer in window title bar and border.
  • Extended the windows SSBO+DSA nVidia bug to AMD too. seems windows in general has a problem with SSBO+DSA.
  • Fixed model cache inconsistency.
  • Added support for vertex position sets.
  • Added vr debug panel support. panel shows on right wrist if turned towards the user.
  • Fixed strange gpu bug producing nan values when writing to "out float *" in shader to a float texture. using "out vec4 *" fixes the problem.
  • Added vsyncmode module property.
  • Fence deadlock fix on nvidia.
  • Added mutex protection against rare lockup on exit.
  • SSAO reduction optimization.
  • Added compiling/loading shader overlay to inform user about reason for loading times.
  • Fixed video decoding problems with transparent videos.
  • Optimized rendering using GPU based render task handling.
  • Added explcit logging of unsupported extensions to make it clearer why the game engine could not be started.
  • Fixed bug in GI shadow depth offset causing GI errors in certain maps.
  • Fixed possible concurrent access problem while loading skins.
  • Improvement on shader loading handling.
  • Fixed problem with light occlusion query being fumbled up if mirrors are nearby.

Animated PNG

  • Fixed decoding of images to properly hangle dispose settings.


  • Modified elapsed time tracking to avoid jumping if fast-audio processing is used to skip main thread.
  • Fixed problems with video audio state synchronization.


  • Fixed potential deadloop in page reading.


  • WebM module supporting VP8/VP9 with transparency and theora audio.


  • Fix for potential segfault starting VR runtime.
  • Fixed exception in script system due to vr shutdown not sending input device changed notification.
  • Modified hand tracking to use world space instead of device space. this fixes broken vive vr driver which always returns world space although device space has been requested.
  • Modified swapchain creation to check for a bunch of supported formats that do not require extra work.
  • Added support for eye gazer tracking.
  • Added support for facial tracking.

Speech Animation Editor

  • Supporting vertex position sets in addition to moves.

Conversation Editor

  • Fixed memory leak.

World Editor

  • Added info-bubble during selection to simplify picking objects. shows in an overlay panel near the mouse pointer the classname and UID of the object under the mouse pointer.

Game Definition Editor

  • Fixed incorrect inheritance loop detection.


  • Selection collider support in igdeWObject.
  • Changed object-class, skin and sky auto-find path to be list not set.
  • Added stock skins to environment.
  • Hardened against creating main window failing to show at an informative error message to the user he can provide opengl: modified exception thrown if extensions or functions are missing to make it clearer to the user his system is somehow not up to the task.

Blender Plugin

  • Improving and adding shape key tools.
  • Added support to copy/paste shape key vertex positions with optional mirroring.